In Loving Memory of


Patricia Patton

Enerlight Candle Co. stands as an advocate against breast cancer and joins the fight to eradicate this vicious disease.


For owner & founder, Ms. Tiffany Patton, this means much more. 


Ms. Tiffany Patton lost her mother due to breast cancer on October 31, 2005.

Her wonderful mother fought for five long years but an early mammogram would have prevented this. By the time she found it, she was already well into stage three, quickly moving into stage four.


Ms. Tiffany Patton encourages all women to see their doctors regularly for this exact reason.


For the entire month of October, Enerlight Candle Co. will be donating 16% of all proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure for this vicious disease. As this year marks the 16th year since her mothers passing.


When you make a purchase this month, you will be helping fight the war against breast cancer. We thank you in advance!