Think Like A Boss
Think Like A Boss

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Think Like A Boss

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Think Like a Boss.

That’s exactly what we are doing!  For all those bosses this one’s for you!

Being a BOSS means much more than oxford languages definition of a person who oversees a worker, group, or organization.

It means you confidently and unapologetically being who you are! This is for the woman who not only leads in the boardroom but leads from behind and supports and makes those in leadership positions shine and look good. This is for the woman who understands that being a great leader stems from knowing how to successfully follow and has mastered it. Being a “BOSSLADY” and THINKING LIKE A BOSS… doesn’t mean you have to be a boss to move and possess a BOSS mentality. Boss ladies are everything from lawyers shaping our judicial system, to the scientists’ breaking barriers, to those truly influencing the world by their courageous transparency and willingness to live their lives to assist others to the CEOS of our households. 


Thinking like a “boss” Allows you to embrace new opportunities enthusiastically and unapologetically and confidently knowing to say NO when necessary. Choosing collaboration over competition. Being a BOSS means being someone who supports and uplifts other women. One who desires to collaborate rather than compete. It is having a mindset to not only see oneself win in life but truly having the heart to support another woman and see them win as well. Always willing to learn, collaborate, inspire others. This is the true definition of “THINK LIKE A BOSS” and we are pleased to collaborate with the Boss Ladies Referral Crew for this special candle collection because they embody all the above and then some.

Enjoy this candle and make sure to pick one up for the woman in your life that you KNOW “THINKS LIKE A BOSS” that you want to celebrate or even encourage this holiday season.



Inspired by our collaboration with Boss Ladies Referral!

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